Shadows Bridal Frequently asked Questions


What is the price range of wedding dresses at Shadows?

  • Our most popular gowns are $500-$900.

  • Casual dresses for weddings can be found at $150-$350.

  • The most expensive gowns are around $1200.

Do I need an appointment?

  • Yes, we highly recommend calling ahead to reserve a dressing room.

  • We prefer to accommodate just 2 brides at once, to assure space and an enjoyable atmosphere for each customer.

  • Of course we will welcome you if there is an available dressing room, but if you drop in and there are already 2 brides you may be asked to come back at another time.

How far in advance do I need to order my gown?

  • 8 months ahead is optimum.

  • At 6 months ahead, some gowns will arrive just 5 weeks before your wedding.

  • At 5 ½ months, rush charges apply for some manufacturers.

  • We recommend the gown is delivered at least 6 weeks before your wedding date.

  • Remember that you will be busy with many details in the month before your wedding so its more relaxing not to have to be fitting the gown in the final weeks.

What if I am getting married soon?  Are there dresses available that I can buy off the rack?

  • Yes, we have many unique and one of a kind styles that are only available off the rack.

  • We have helped many brides find their dresses just weeks before the wedding.

What should I bring to my appointment?

  • Wearing white or beige undergarments is preferable, and a strapless bra too.

  • Bring heels roughly the height you plan to wear on your wedding day, any color is OK.

  • Little or no makeup is appreciated, and makes trying on quicker and easier.

  • Shadows allows photographs, and many brides find them helpful in deciding.

  • If you have pictures from magazines, that is helpful to inform us of your style.

  • Lastly, bring an open mind!  Many a bride’s dream dress is very different than what she imagined she would choose.

How many people may I bring with me?

  • We suggest no more than 2 people accompany you to the appointment.

  • Its great to have one or two people who are close to you to give you honest opinions, but we've noticed that too many opinions can confuse or disappoint the bride.  Also, we have an intimate boutique atmosphere with limited seating.

About gown trains and bustles

A train is the part of the skirt on the back of the dress that is longer than floor length.  Train length can be customized on many special order gowns.  Any gown with a train will need a bustle after the ceremony and photos.  A bustle is a way to hook up the train so that it does not touch the ground.  Here is a nice website with recommendations for different bustles



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