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Shadows Bridal Store History 1972-2014

Shadows has been in business in Marin County, California since 1972. Earlier, in 1967 we opened the Third Hand Store in San Francisco, one of the first vintage clothing shops in the U.S. In 1972 we opened a second shop, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, in Larkspur, where we specialized in authentic folk costumes and textiles in addition to vintage clothing for women. It was in the mid 70's that women began to want turn-of-the-century lace dresses for their weddings. In 1985, we opened Shadows at the current location. Nowadays we have predominately new bridal gowns, but always with an eye to the vintage style and feeling. For brides interested in an antique gown, we still have those too.  We are closing June 30, 2014 so the daughter of the founders can follow a lifelong dream of sailing the South Pacific with her husband on their sailboat.


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